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Depression and other stress-related ailments are more common today than before. You can use different approaches to combat depression or lessen the effects of this psychological disorder. Have you ever tried using essential oils? Well, these oils do not treat but serve as an alternative treatment for depression. This implies that essential oils should be used as a complementary therapy along with other treatment options, Combining essential oils with antidepressants and behavioral therapy has been found to be an effective approach.

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Ideally, some essential oils have been proven to combat some symptoms associated with depression. This includes both physical and psychological symptoms. These gains often lead to improved quality of life with the patient realizing better moods, improved sleep quality, and better health. However, essential oils, like any form of alternative treatment should be used with caution. The best way to go about this is to discuss the suitability of this form of treatment with your doctor.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are compounds extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots, and other parts of a plant. These oils are extracted using different methods. These oils are used in aromatherapy. This implies that one only benefits when these oils are inhaled or rubbed on the skin. Different people show various reactions to these oils with some showing some allergic signs, skin irritation, and sensitivity. Thus, it is important to have some allergy tests done before using some essential oils.

How do essential oils work?

Now that you know what essential oils are, it can be great if you also knew how they work. Ideally, the ingredients in essential oils are absorbed into the body through the skin or by inhalation. Once they get into the system, they are cable of stimulating some parts of the brain. This part is known as the limbic system, which is known to play a key role in controlling emotions, memory, and moods.

Essential oils that work

essential oils 1Essential oils work differently. Bergamot, lavender, rose, and Lavadin are good examples. Bergamot is known to help reduce anxiety and stress when used on its own. Lavender, on the other hand, reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality. Rose assists in anxiety, depression and stress-related cases. Lavadin is mostly used to reduce stress before surgery.

We all react to smells differently. How we respond to these smells is informed by what we associate them with. Therefore, it makes sense that essential oils for happiness can help alleviate stress and other mood disorders.