white teeth

We all want white smiles. That flawless smile with pearly white teeth. Such a smile does not however just come; you must work for it. A lot of your time and effort will be needed. As much as we want to keep healthy teeth and observe oral hygiene, our busy life’s can take it all away. Many of us understand the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing. Many people as well know that they should visit a dentist regularly. Six months should not go without seeing the dentist. But, do we know the things or habits that are not good for the gums and teeth? So much is said about what we should do to maintain healthy teeth, but no one tells us what to avoid. This article will discuss some of the things which are bad for your oral health. Some might be obvious while others are not as obvious. Read on.

Jaw clenching and nail-biting

nail bitingA good number of people bite their nails out of stress, boredom or anxiety. It comes naturally. It is an innocent habit. But did you know that prolonged nail-biting damages the enamel of the front teeth? With time the enamel will be weakened and prone to decaying and breaking. The front tips become worn and jagged giving an ugly appearance. Now you know. Clenching happens naturally when it’s cold when we are stressed or angry. Just like nail biting, prolonged grinding of the teeth puts a lot of pressure on the jaws which results to worn out teeth with cracks and fractures.

Mouth piercings

Tongue and lip piercing damage the teeth and gums. This happens if you put on the jewelry consistently for many years. The metals ring hit and rub against the teeth which lead to wear just like nail biting and clenching. Alteration of the piercings can make the gum tissues recede from the teeth increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases.

Untreated health conditions

Are you aware that heart conditions and uncontrolled diabetes can affect your oral health? We are told of how the conditions pose a risk to one’s health but not oral health. Studies have proven that your overall health affects oral health. They affect each other.

Poor eating habits

sour foodsSour, sticky, starchy and hard foods are not good for your oral hygiene. Sticky foods leave remnants behind your mouth. Starchy food for example bread, dissolve with saliva leaving crannies and crooks in between your teeth. They contain sugar which turns into plague which eats the enamel away. Crunchy and hard foods chip and scrape off parts of the enamel. Last but not least, acidic and sour foods contain dangerous acids which destroy the teeth.