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Hiring the perfect personal trainer

Not every personal trainer is good or can be trusted. Some are perfect others cannot be relied on. If you have decided to hire a personal trainer, understand that it is a major decision which can transform your life either way. Do not hire someone without research and thinking. Below are tips that will help you hire the best personal trainer.


personal trainerMany personal trainers have blogs and websites where they showcase their work. Relying on the reviews and ratings here might not be the best idea. Instead, ask the trainer to give you contact details of clients he or she has trained before. Call them for honest details about the trainer. Testimonials and pictures on their blog might be fake, be sure to choose a person who is experienced, qualified and honest.

Do not carry your credit card

Someone is wondering why, well, gyms have a way of convincing potential clients to sign up. They will tell you so much positive things about them and out of emotions, you end up signing up for their classes. You might later realize that you made a wrong decision. It is important to visit different gyms before making the initial payments.


Distance, how far is the gym from your home or office? Some people argue that it worth traveling miles for good training, but is it convenient? Beginners are advised seeing their trainers at least thrice a week. To achieve this without a struggle, they should be located near your home or office. If you are planning to see the trainer once a week, then the location should not worry you.

Be skeptical

If your trainer wants to sell stuff to you, be skeptical about it. Multi-tier schemes are operating in gyms. In many cases, their supplements, for example, are of poor quality and overpriced.


personal trainerHave it at the back of your mind that the services of a quality trainer are invaluable. Different trainers will charge differently. In many locations, 25$ is the least you can pay per hour. The location of the gym can help you determine the possible charges. The specialist trainer is high in demand hence they charge more. Other than that, you might pay more if you have a compulsion. Experience is another factor that determines their fees. However, it is always important to hire a coach who is well experienced and knows everything about training.…